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Buy THC50 Releaf Capsules


Cannabinoids: ~1000mg per 20ct bottle

Buy THC50 Releaf Capsules

Buy THC50 Releaf Capsules Online. Papa & Barkley’s vegan and gluten-free THC50 capsules contain a precise dose of our most potent whole-plant oil to help relieve acute aches and improve sleep.

Starting Dose: 1 capsule
Cannabinoids: ~1000mg per 20ct bottle
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Cannabis.

Whole Plant Lipid Infusion. 100% Solvent & Chemical Free.

These Releaf Capsules are made using Papa & Barkley’s unique solventless whole plant infusion process to preserve the plants natural full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients and maximize the therapeutic benefits. Crafted with just two simple ingredients – coconut oil and cannabis – these capsules offer a natural, convenient way to feel better.




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